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Episode 254, Apple Watch can make your golfing experience better

In this episode, we will discuss how Apple Watch is the perfect golfing companion. We will learn more how Apple Watch proves itself as a versatile device for golfers to stay connected, active, and healthy.  We will also cover a suite of great golfing apps offers users course information, as well as tools and insights to keep track of and help improve their game.

Apple Watch is a versatile device for golfers to stay connected, active, and healthy, and with a suite of great golfing apps, users can access course information, tools, and insights to improve their game. Golfshot users can set the pin on each hole to get accurate Strokes Gained statistics on their putting and identify which part of their game needs more improvement.

Apple Watch sensors combined with Golfshot’s Swing ID feature offer a comprehensive analysis of a golfer’s swing from the beginning to the end of the motion.
The API released in watchOS 10 helps detect rapid changes in velocity and acceleration to help users improve their golf swing and performance.
The API released in watchOS 10 helps detect rapid changes in velocity and acceleration to help users improve their golf swing and performance.
Using machine learning, Golfshot offers Auto Shot Tracking on Apple Watch to automatically track every shot.

Episode 251, Apple to expand repair options with support for used genuine parts

In this episode, we will discuss Apple introduction of a program to expand repair options with support for used genuine parts.   Handy for those in remote regions of Alaska and other places in the world.

Customers and independent repair providers will be able to utilize used Apple parts in repairs, beginning with select iPhone models this fall.

Episode 250, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference returns June 10

In this episode, we will discuss Apple announcement it will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, commonly referred to as WWDC, online from June 10 through 14.  Developers and students will have the opportunity to celebrate in person at a special event at Apple Park on opening day.

WWDC24 will include an in-person experience on June 10 that will provide developers the opportunity to watch the keynote at Apple Park, meet with Apple team members, and take part in special activities.

Episode 248, Apple introduces transcripts for Apple Podcasts

In this episode, we will discuss Apple introduces transcripts for Apple Podcasts on Tuesday, March 5th.  Transcripts offer full-text display for each episode, making podcasts more accessible and immersive than ever before.  We will cover this and announce an iPhone Tips and Tricks class coming up March 14. 

Apple introduced Tuesday, March 5 transcripts for Apple Podcasts, offering users greater accessibility and easier navigation.
Transcripts on Apple Podcasts can help users catch every word from their favorite hosts, learn a new language, and more easily find facts they heard on an episode.
Built to strengthen accessibility on Apple Podcasts, transcripts include font and color contrast that were designed to make long-form text easier to scan and read.

Episode 240, Outsmarting the ‘Porch Pirates’ by using Ring Doorbell and Deliveries Application

In this episode, we will discuss using technology to outsmart the ‘porch pirates’ and have a secure mail-order shopping season.  We will review one of the most widely used devices “Ring Doorbell‘ accompanied with the Deliveries application available in the Apple App Store.  The combination of using these together will go a long way in ensuring you are informed when your packages will arrive this holiday season.

Video Doorbell, second generation, $54.99. See, hear, and speak to visitors from anywhere with Ring’s best-selling Video Doorbell. Capture clear picture with 1080p HD video with Night Vision and talk to visitors at your door with Two-Way Talk and Quick Replies. Customize your motion settings and get real-time notifications on your phone and tablet, no matter where you are.
Our best-in-class wired doorbell camera with cutting-edge security features. Video Doorbell Pro 2 delivers enhanced Head-to-Toe HD+ Video, first of its kind 3D Motion Detection, and built-in Alexa Greetings that answer the door for you.
Deliveries application supports dozens of services, including USPS, UPS, FED EX, TNT, Canada Post, and many others. I tracks your orders in a summary list and also show their location on a map. This enables you to predict the time your package will arrive.

Episode 239, Apple Watch double tap gesture now available with watchOS 10.1

In this episode we will discuss Apple Watch double tap gesture now available with watchOS 10.1.  The new double tap gesture for Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 is now availale with watchOS 10.1, bringing a fast and convenient new way to interact with Apple Watch.  We’ve had a chance to use it for a short while now and will let you know some of the ways you can use it.

Double tap allows users to select the primary action in a wide variety of watchOS apps and notifications, including opening the Smart Stack and scrolling through widgets; answering and ending phone calls; and playing and pausing music.
With double tap, users can open the Smart Stack from any watch face and scroll through widgets in the stack.
Double tap has been designed to automatically select the primary action for most apps and notifications. In two instances, the user can elect a different function by accessing their settings on iPhone.

Episode 237, Apple celebrates Veteran’s Day with Fitness; Activity Awards creates your achievements into beautiful magnets

In this episode we will discuss Apple celebrating Veteran’s Day in the United States by earning a beautiful Apple Activity Challenge Fitness award on Saturday, November 11.  We will tell you how you can participate in this noteworthy effort and how to display your fitness awards in a memorable meaningful display.


Apple Watch users across the US can participate in the Veterans Day Challenge on Friday, November 11 to earn a limited edition Activity award and animated stickers for messages.  
One of the many ways the company Activity Awards offers for you to display your represented Activity Awards. The company is available at https://activityawards.com.

Episode 233, watchOS 10 launches bringing significant new features to Apple Watch

In this episode, we will discuss the Apple released this week watchOS 10, an update which I have used, and is a significant update. This is bringing a new visual language to apps to see more information at a glance, a new Smart Stack to show relevant widgets right when they’re needed, and delightful new watch faces. Bluetooth connectivity for power meters, speed sensors, and cadence sensors arrive for cyclists, unlocking new metrics and Workout Views, and cycling workouts will automatically show up as a Live Activity on iPhone and utilize the full screen. We will talk about these new features and more.

watchOS 10 is available today, delivering redesigned apps, a new Smart Stack, additional watch faces, new cycling and hiking features, and tools to support mental health.
Introducing the Smart Stack, which enables users to see timely information that adapts to their context.
Modular Ultra takes advantage of the large display of Apple Watch Ultra, using the outermost edge to present real-time data, including seconds, altitude, or depth.
Apple Watch calculates personalized Power Zones, used to easily see the current zone and track how long is spent in each, which is an effective and popular way of improving performance.
The Compass app automatically generates two new waypoints when available: a Last Cellular Connection Waypoint and a Last Emergency Call Waypoint.

Episode 231, USB-C 4.0 brings the best technology has to offer with new Apple devices on the way

In this episode, wi will discuss the replacement of the current Lightning port with the more prevalent USB-C connector, a move that is designed to help the company conform with European regulations.  We will also inform to you what the upcoming Apple announcement scheduled for Sept. 12 at 10 am and what devices we speculate to make their debut.

Episode 230, America Celebrates National Parks; Projected Apple Event coming in September

In this episode, we will discuss the announcement this week about Apple celebrating America’s National Parks, including several activities including a fitness activity award; and our projected product announcement event for September.