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Episode 254, Apple Watch can make your golfing experience better

In this episode, we will discuss how Apple Watch is the perfect golfing companion. We will learn more how Apple Watch proves itself as a versatile device for golfers to stay connected, active, and healthy.  We will also cover a suite of great golfing apps offers users course information, as well as tools and insights to keep track of and help improve their game.

Apple Watch is a versatile device for golfers to stay connected, active, and healthy, and with a suite of great golfing apps, users can access course information, tools, and insights to improve their game. Golfshot users can set the pin on each hole to get accurate Strokes Gained statistics on their putting and identify which part of their game needs more improvement.

Apple Watch sensors combined with Golfshot’s Swing ID feature offer a comprehensive analysis of a golfer’s swing from the beginning to the end of the motion.
The API released in watchOS 10 helps detect rapid changes in velocity and acceleration to help users improve their golf swing and performance.
The API released in watchOS 10 helps detect rapid changes in velocity and acceleration to help users improve their golf swing and performance.
Using machine learning, Golfshot offers Auto Shot Tracking on Apple Watch to automatically track every shot.

Episode 249, Apple announces “Friday Night Baseball” returns to Apple TV+ on March 29

In this episode, we will discuss Apple announces “Friday Night Baseball” returns to Apple TV+ on March 29.  We will start with the weekly doubleheaders begining soon with the New York Yankees at the Houston Astros, and the St. Louis Cardinals at the Los Angeles Dodgers.  We will tell you about how you can tune in and a schedule of games between now to the end of June. Go to the Apple website for the full schedule.

“Friday Night Baseball” will be available to Apple TV+ subscribers throughout the 2024 regular season, beginning on Friday, March 29.

Episode 244, Apple Vision Pro available in the U.S. on February 2

In this episode we will discuss Apple’s introduction of Apple Vision Pro available in the U.S. on February 2.  Vision Pro is a revolutionary spatial computer that transforms how people work, collaborate, connect, relive memories, and enjoy entertainment.

Apple Vision Pro utilizes the most advanced materials possible in a beautiful, compact design.
Flexible straps ensure audio remains close to the user’s ears, while the included Solo Knit Band and Dual Loop Band allow users to find the optimal fit for them.
An all-new App Store on Apple Vision Pro features more than 1 million apps, including new experiences that take advantage of the unique capabilities of Vision Pro.
Apple designed a groundbreaking new feature called EyeSight for Apple Vision Pro to help the user stay connected to the people around them, giving visual cues to others about what the user is focused on.

Episode 206, Apple Fitness+ unveils new offerings; Apple Fitness Activity Award challenge continues

In this episode, we will discuss Apple’s recent announcement that Fitness+ has multiple new offerings for the 2023 along with the opportunity to be working towards earning the “Ring in the New Year” activity badge.

Fitness+ introduces two new Collections this month: 6 Weeks to Restart Your Fitness and Level Up Your Core Training.
Jenn Lau joins the Fitness+ team to lead Strength workouts, and Brian Cochrane joins to lead HIIT. 
Award-winning actor, producer, and activist Jamie Lee Curtis kicks off the fifth season of Time to Walk.
A brand-new Meditation theme, Sleep, joins the Meditation library, and Fitness+ will also add a new program, Introduction to Meditations for Sleep, to help users get started.

Episode 205, Apple ‘Rings in the New Year’ with new fitness award; Apple announces 2023 Major League Soccer Apple TV schedule

In this episode, we will discuss the announcement that you’ll be able to work towards earning the Ring in the New Year activity badge beginning on Sunday, January 1, 2023 and we will follow up on our earlier podcast with Apple announcing the Major League Soccer, or commonly referred to as MLS, Apple TV schedule (  We have got a lot to cover in this New Year’s edition.

Apple Watch users will once again in 2023 be able to complete an Activity Challenge for New Year’s. Those who close all three of their stand/roll, exercise, and move rings for seven days in a row at any point in January will earn a special award in the Fitness app and custom animated stickers that can be used in the Messages and FaceTime apps.
Fans can visit on iPhone or iPad to be directed right to the Apple TV app and follow their favorite Major League Soccer clubs, and get alerts before upcoming games.

Episode 203, Apple launches Freeform: a powerful new app designed for creative brainstorming and collaboration

In this podcast Apple launched Freeform this week with their recent update. Freeform is a powerful new app designed for creative brainstorming and collaboration.  Freeform for iPhone, iPad, and Mac makes visual collaboration easier than ever.  Freeform is an all-new app included in any iPhone, iPad, and Mac supporting iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, or macOS Ventura 13.1.  Happy holidays!

Freeform provides a flexible canvas across iPhone, iPad, and Mac — bringing conversation topics, content, and ideas all into one place.
Whether taking notes with Scribble, sketching with the drawing tool, or coloring with the crayon or fill tool, Freeform users can take their creativity to the next level.
Freeform boards support a wide range of files, and users can preview inline without ever leaving the board — making it the perfect tool for gathering documents for a school project or planning an upcoming trip.
With FaceTime and iCloud integration, Freeform is designed for collaboration, making it easier than ever to invite others to work on a board together.

Episode 202, Apple and Major League Soccer announce MLS Season Pass launching in early 2023

In this podcast Apple and Major League Soccer announced MLS Season Pass will launch February 1, 2023 an unprecedented subscription service to fans in over 100 countries and regions that features every live MLS regular-season match, the entire playoffs, and the Leagues Cup, all with no blackouts.  We will tell you about and how to get the games, prices and all the details.  Happy holidays from the Mac Minutes Podcast.

MLS Soccer will be available to sign up starting Feb 1. To keep up-to-date with the latest information and sign up for updates about MLS Season Pass, go to

Episode 201, Winter ‘Slopes’ App offers new features for Apple Watch and Ultra winter ski and snowboarding enthusiasts

In this podcast we will review the winter skiing and snowboarding application ‘Slopes’ and all its new features for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra owners this season.  We will additionally tell you about a new Action Button feature that has been added to the Apple Watch Ultra for the Slopes application.  Happy Holidays!

Episode 188, Turning the Apple device you have into the one you want; Apple and Major League Baseball announce September ‘Friday Night Baseball’ double-header schedule

In this episode, we will discuss Apple’s Trade-In Program and the announcement this week of the Apple TV Major League Baseball, or MLB, schedule for September’s “Friday Night Baseball” games.  Check below or the Mac Minutes Podcast site for links to device values and the MLB broadcasting schedule.
It’s easy to trade in your eligible device for credit toward your next purchase, or get an Apple Gift Card you can use anytime.Footnote 1 If your device isn’t eligible for credit, we’ll recycle it for free. No matter the model or condition, we can turn it into something good for you and good for the planet. You can check the value at this Apple website.
Scheduled “Friday Night Baseball” games are available to watch for free, only on Apple TV+ You can check the schedule for September at this Apple website.