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Episode 256, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference to kick off Monday, June 10 with Keynote address

In this episode, we will discuss Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.  The annual online conference takes place June 10-14 and promises an incredible week of technology and innovation.

Apple announced the winners of the 2024 Apple Design Awards. You can find out more about the apps at:

Episode 223, Apple provides powerful insights into new areas of health at WWDC23

In this episode we will discuss one of the many Apple announcements coming from WWDC23 which we will cover many of these stories in the days to come with many more podcasts coming your way. We will learn more in the coming days and weeks as the myriad of developers become familiar with the software.  Learn how to get the public beta Apple operating system versions in the coming weeks.

New health features in iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10 expand into two impactful areas and provide innovative tools and experiences across platforms.
The Health app comes to iPad in iPadOS 17 and is designed to give users rich detail at a glance so they can see health and fitness information from iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, as well as compatible third-party apps and devices, all in one place.
The new Screen Distance feature in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 encourages users to move their device farther away after holding it closer than 12 inches for an extended period of time.
In the Health app, users can view the amount of time spent in daylight detected by their Apple Watch. Time spent in daylight can help reduce the risk of myopia in children and provide additional benefits to physical and mental health. On the right, In the Health app, users can see valuable highlights summarizing their reflections on their state of mind over time.

Episode 222, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference to kick off June 5, 2023, with keynote address; hardware predictions

In this episode we will discuss Apple WWDC23 program being unveiled, showcasing an exciting slate of online events for Apple developers around the globe to experience. We will take you through the agenda we know so far, along with some speculation by some of the tech reporters.