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Episode 30, Ultimate Weather Applications for the iPhone and AppleWatch

In the episode, I will talk about a few of my personal best apps from the numerous weather apps in the App Store.  It’s now summer and we just had our first storm of the season bringing hail, thunder and lightning. Severe storms are not only common in Alaska but around the world.   You just need to watch the evening news to see examples where people have been caught ill prepared.  I’ll talk about using your iPhone and AppleWatch to help make your weather forecasting more accurate and your outdoor activities safer.

Wunderground Application icon

Radar Scope Application icon

Dark Sky Application icon 

Episode 26, Using Apple technology in ‘Bush Alaska’ education programs

In this episode, we are going to depart from our standard Mac Minutes podcast program format and interview people who have interesting uses for Apple technology.  Our guest in this first episode of the series is Technology Director, Mr. Jim Dube, from Lake and Peninsula School District, in remote “Bush Alaska”.  He also provides technology support to the Bristol Bay School District, where he was a K-12 principal for several years.  Jim discusses the Apple devices he employs in the districts and the software he uses to manage the devices.  Additionally, he also gives his insight on the challenges of keeping networks and associated technology working far from commercial sources and technical support.

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