Episode 127, Hands-on Tracker Comparison: Tile Slim versus Apple AirTag

In this episode, we will give an overview of the new Apple AirTag and discuss the differences between Apple’s new AirTag and the tried-and-true Tile Slim.  This will hopefully give you some insight of what tracker you may want to choose for your valuables.

AirTag is a small and elegantly designed accessory that can be personalized with free engraving, and enables iPhone users to securely locate and keep track of their valuables using the Find My app. (Graphic courtesy of Apple Inc.)
Put Slim in tight spaces like your wallet, passport case or luggage tag and use our free app to find them. Keep track of more for less with our multi-packs or give them to your friends and family as a gift. The Tile Slim has a 200 ft. Bluetooth range and is as thin as two credit cards. There is up to a 3-year built-in battery and is waterproof. Tile is also compatible with Android, Windows and iOS platforms. (Graphic courtesy of Tile Inc.)