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Episode 9, Accessories for your new Apple hardware

Episode 9, Accessories for your new Apple hardware will look at outfitting your new Apple devices with Apple brand accessories.  We will start with Apple laptops and finish with Apple Watches. I’ll also give you my favorite AppleWatch complications of 2018 for all you new AppleWatch owners. I’ll also review the book 101 Handy Tech Tips for the iPhone by tech reporter Rich DeMuro. 

Apple Magic Trackpad 2, Space Gray
Apple Magic Mouse 2, Space Gray
Dark Sky Weather Application
Carrot Weather Application
Medical Identification Application
Cardiogram for AppleWatch Application
Just Press Record Application

Episode 8, Tethering versus hotspots for your Apple devices

Episode 8, Tethering versus hotspots for your Apple devices looks the pros and cons of mobile Wi-Fi, whether to tether or use a hotspot to connect to the internet.  This will help you decide which method is the most advantageous to you and give you some tips on using public Wi-FI in unavoidable situations.  We will finish reviewing the ThoughtOut brand of stands for your iOS devices (www.thoughtout.biz)

iPad Pro Stand Stabile PRO Tablet Holder

Skyroam Solis International Use Hotspot (www.skyroam.com)

Episode 7, Uninterrupted Power Supplies protect your Apple devices

Episode 7, Uninterrupted Power Supplies, commonly referred to as UPS, protect your Apple devices and is a necessity for valuable electronics. A backup UPS offers guaranteed power and protection for electronics in your home or business.  We will discuss what features you need such as surge protection and/or battery backup.  Additionally, we show you how to figure out what size of UPS you need for your devices.  The Mac Minutes “Accessory of the Week ” is the Bandkeeper to store your AppleWatch bands in a secure, protective case that is easy to store and travel (www.bandkeeper.com)

CyberPower UPS System, 850VA/510W, 12 Outlets

Bandkeeper Folder, Inserts

Episode 4, Your Apple Airline Travel Companion

Episode 4, Your Apple Airline Travel Companion looks at how Apple devices can make airline travel more efficient for passengers, especially during the holidays.  The episode also recommends several applications to make the travel process more logistically effective and how to deal with unexpected contingencies.  We review the iTraq GPS locator (www.iTraq.com) and Nomad PowerPack battery (www.hellonomad.com) as third-party travel accessories.  The episode finishes by reviewing Nutshell phone cases (www.tuffasnuts.com). Applications recommended for your iPhone include Trip It; Kayak; Seat Alerts; Gate Guru; Flightboard; Flight Tracker; and Plane Finder.





Episode 3, ‘Today at Apple’ where no one is too cool for school

Episode 3, ‘Today at Apple‘ where no one is too cool for school:  Mac Minutes overviews the ‘Today at Apple’ educational seminars hosted by Apple Stores throughout the world.  We will discuss why they are important to the Apple enthusiast, especially during this holiday season.  The ‘App of the Week’ is the ‘Today at Apple’ sessions tab of the Apple application.  We explore how to view seminar schedules, and make a reservation.  Additionally, we review the New Trent iPad keyboard and case.

Mac Minutes, Episode 1, Using AppleWatch Faces

Learn about making the most of the AppleWatch Faces and tailoring them to your specific activity.  Also, reviewed is the Deliveries Application and the new USB-C cable for the AppleWatch.