Monthly Archives: November 2018

Episode 3, ‘Today at Apple’ where no one is too cool for school

Episode 3, ‘Today at Apple‘ where no one is too cool for school:  Mac Minutes overviews the ‘Today at Apple’ educational seminars hosted by Apple Stores throughout the world.  We will discuss why they are important to the Apple enthusiast, especially during this holiday season.  The ‘App of the Week’ is the ‘Today at Apple’ sessions tab of the Apple application.  We explore how to view seminar schedules, and make a reservation.  Additionally, we review the New Trent iPad keyboard and case.

Episode 2: Maximizing Use of the new iPad Pro USB-C Port

Episode 2, Maximizing Use of the new iPad Pro USB-C Port takes a look at the new iPad Pro USB-C port and its use as a power source for your Apple accessories.  We review the MacHash News application and how the aggregated information can make your time browsing the web more productive.  Also, in the spirit of holiday shopping, we talk about Apple AirPods for gifting and what a potential upgrade may mean to this revolutionary device.

Mac Minutes, Episode 1, Using AppleWatch Faces

Learn about making the most of the AppleWatch Faces and tailoring them to your specific activity.  Also, reviewed is the Deliveries Application and the new USB-C cable for the AppleWatch.